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Ginger, a 15 year old shiba/chow mix has pretty severe arthritis, as well as muscle atrophy and weakness in her hind legs. She’s been swimming with us for a number of weeks now, and during each swim session we’re working on specific techniques to maximize the movement in her rear legs and range of motion in her front legs. In a short time, there has been a noticeable improvement in both muscle tone and strength in her hind quarters.

We’re halfway through Baylor’s boot camp, and he’s looking good. He’s lost 7 pounds and his endurance and muscle tone is really improving. And you can now see his waistline! He still doesn’t care for swimming (imagine that for a lab) but he tolerates it. He’s now running on the treadmill instead of walking, swimming more with less rest, and he doesn’t get as winded when he plays with the other dogs.

Three years ago, when one of the producers of Victoria Stillwell’s internationally known TV show “It’s Me or the Dog” contacted Toby to massage a dog (thinking Toby still lived in New Jersey where the episode was beingVictoria Stillwell visits Rocky’s Retreat filmed) we said to each other, “Wouldn’t it be so cool to have her visit Rocky’s Retreat?” Last week, it finally happened!

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Kobi is a 4 year old beagle that weighs almost 70 lbs. He should probably weigh closer to 35 or 40. His weight kept creeping up and was caused by a number of circumstances. His “mom” Pam said her efforts to help him lose weight weren’t working. So she brought him to us. This video is his first visit to Rocky’s Retreat.

We’re very excited! What is Barking Dog Fitness? It’s a franchise concept we’ve brought in to Rocky’s Retreat – a gym for your dog! Why a gym? Just like us, dogs need more than just a casual stroll every day or playtime with their friends. They need a workout to help keep their puppy-like endurance,…

Did you know that Rocky’s Retreat offers fitness swims for dogs who love to swim? What is a fitness swim? It’s a session where your dog is swimming freely in the water, without one of the Rocky’s Retreat aqua therapists in the water assisting and guiding the session (to provide maximum benefit for those dogs that need it).

On a day when Miles decided he just wasn’t into swimming, he just wanted to dance! See the video….

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Domino, a 4+ month old border collie / spitz mix was born without kneecaps. He is SO adorable and such a loving, sweet boy.

I’m often asked why I wanted to go through the time, frustration, and huge expense to build Rocky’s Retreat Canine Health & Fitness Center.

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You may or may not know this, but we spent a year researching what type of sanitation system we wanted to use in our center’s pool. We knew chlorine was very bad, and never considered it. Chlorine is known to cause allergies and asthma, and recent research is linking it to cancer. Even if you bathe (or rinse your dog) afterward, the damage is still done.