Dog Fitness Programs

Fit dog running

Do you want your dog to get into shape but don’t know where do begin?Baylor using the DogTread treadmill at Rocky's Retreat

Is your dog overweight?

Does your dog need more exercise than you can manage?

If so, Rocky’s Retreat can help. We offer customized exercise and conditioning programs through our Canine Gym, Barking Dog Fitness (located at Rocky’s Retreat). 

These programs utilize a variety of exercises and activities that maintain or improve cardiovascular health, build muscle mass, increase flexibility, improve confidence, and more.

Programs are tailored for each dog and take into consideration factors such as age, weight, breed, current fitness level, and your goals for your dog.

How to Get Started

Contact us to set up a FREE consultation, where we meet you and your dog. During this session, we assess your dog, discuss your goals and determine how best to help you accomplish those goals.

Program Outline and Options

Each fitness program is customized per dog and may include activities such as swim sessions, treadmill workouts, Pilates-like strength and balance training, mental stimulation and focus exercises, and range of motion for flexibility.


  1. We create a program that you follow at home. We teach you how to do the exercises. Includes regular support and “check-ups” to modify the program as needed. May involve purchasing some canine fitness equipment.
  2. We create a program and you come to Rocky’s Retreat to do the exercises using our equipment. We teach you how to do the exercises. Also includes regular support and “check-ups”, and modifications to the program as needed.
  3. We do it all for you from creating the program, to working with your dog using our equipment.

Want to exercise your dog more but don’t have time during the day?

Consider enrolling your dog in our Dog Daycare program and we’ll perform the exercise sessions for you!