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Why should you consider dog boots for your pup this summer? Here are a few things to remember when walking your dog.

Do you work a lot? Are you concerned with keeping your dog home alone for long hours? Then look no further than Rocky’s Retreat. We offer the best Orlando doggie day care for those puppy parents in need.

Are you going on vacation? Are you on your way to a weekend getaway but just don’t know what to do with your little pooch? Then we can help, because here at Rocky’s Retreat, we offer no hassle Orlando dog boarding.

Swimming is an excellent exercise for humans. It can help with arthritis and can build up cardiovascular endurance and strength, but did you know that swimming can also be useful for pups, too? Water therapy for dogs can have incredible benefits.

Follow these tips to keep your pup safe this weekend and all summer long…

February is National Pet Dental Month, but you can take steps all year to ensure optimal dental health. Here are some tips!

CBD oil is the newest trend in holistic pet health, yet many pet parents don’t quite know what it is. Here’s a quick breakdown along with some of the benefits.

If you plan on ringing in the New Year with your pup, there are some things to keep in mind to ensure that everyone has a good time…

It’s the diagnosis everyone dreads, whether it affects our 2 legged family members and friends or our 4 legged ones. I’ve just experienced it. On Wed. Sept. 27th, I lost my beloved golden retriever, Yankee, one of the house dogs at Rocky’s Retreat, to hemangiosarcoma. He was diagnosed on Aug. 25th and gone just a month later. He would have been 10 on Oct. 7th. 

Anxiety in their dogs is a common problem many dog owners face. This time of year is particularly bad for dogs who have noise phobias. We also deal with it regularly, especially in a boarding situation. In fact, we just had an older dog stay with us who was so anxious during her entire stay that we basically held her for a week.