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About April & Robert of Rocky's Retreat Yes, Rocky was a real dog. In fact, there were 2 dogs named Rocky. The first one was a Golden Retriever, and he belonged to the original owner and founder of Rocky’s Retreat, Sherri Cappabianca. Sherri and her business partner, Toby, decided to retire and sell the business in early 2017, so they started searching for the perfect fit to take over their baby (their business, not their dogs).  

About April & Robert

At the same time, April Cox was researching her 5-year plan to get out of “cubicle nation” and follow her dream of dedicating her time to working with dogs. She stumbled across the opportunity of Rocky’s Retreat being for sale and instantly knew it was meant to be.  

How could she be so sure?  

Her father passed away earlier in the year, and his dog’s name was Rocky. April wholeheartedly believes that her father had a hand from up above in bringing Rocky’s Retreat to her.  

After 4 months of research, inspections, and paperwork, April and her husband, Robert, became the new owners of Rocky’s Retreat in late October 2017. Their commitment to their clients is to provide the best care possible, and to always do what is right for your pups, and have some fun while doing it! They have very high standards for the care their puppy children get and will offer the same to yours.  

Prior to the previous owners’ retirement and move out of state, April & Rob spent extensive amounts of time learning as much as they could about the building, the business, and the customers so that their transition could be as seamless as possible for the Rocky’s Retreat family – both furry and human. April was certified by the Canine Fitness Institute in hydrotherapy for dogs and is one of the 6 certified therapists on staff at Rocky’s Retreat.

April & Rob are from Pittsburgh, PA and Brooklyn, NY, respectively, and got married in 2003 after they got dragged along as the “safety net” friends on a blind date 2 years prior. They left the Space Coast in 2014 and live in Harmony, FL, with their 2 dogs, Hiro (charcoal lab,) and Ghost (lab mix.)

We have an amazing staff of dog lovers at Rocky’s that are dedicated to giving your pups the best time during their stay and visit!