Orlando Doggie Day Care

Orlando doggie day care

If you’re looking for daycare for your precious pup, look no further than Rocky’s Retreat Orlando doggie day care!

How is our dog daycare different from other daycare facilities?
Personalized care you won’t find elsewhere!

We offer a boutique day care experience in an intimate setting, with lots of personal attention from our expert staff. We limit the number of dogs to a maximum of 12 per day. Dogs are split into small playgroups of two to five friends, who play together and rest together. We take the time to find the right playgroup for each dog.

Our Orlando doggie daycare program offers:

Orlando Doggie Day care Hours: Monday – Friday anytime after 7:30am for drop off and anytime before 6:30pm for pick up.Orlando doggie day care


Single Day Pass: $44

1/2 Day Pass: $27.50

Pass Packages:
5 day pass: $203.5 ($40.70/day)
10 day pass: $385 ($38.50/day)
20 day pass: $704 ($35.20/day)
30 day pass: $990 ($33/day)

Passes are good for one year from the date of purchase. Reservations are required and must be made 24 hours in advance. Please cancel within 24 hours. We reserve the right to charge for the day if your reservation is not canceled within 24 hours.

For those owners who want to bring their dog in on the same day(s) each week and be guaranteed a spot in daycare, we offer a lower cost membership option..

Membership Pricing (investment per month):orlando doggie day care
1 day per week: $141.90
2 days per week: $273.90
3 days per week: $394.90
4 days per week: $515.90
5 days per week: $665.85

Membership payments are auto-debited to your credit card monthly. There is no “set-up” fee, no contract, and the membership can be canceled at any time without penalty.

First-Time Client?
Please visit our Boarding / Daycare policies page for First-Time Client information.

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