Hydrotherapy for Dogs in Orlando

Hydrotherapy for Dogs in Orlando

Are you considering hydrotherapy for dogs in Orlando?

Does your dog struggle to climb into the car or up the stairs?

Are your dog’s hind legs weaker than they used to be?

Is your dog overweight?

Does your dog suffer from arthritis, dysplasia, degenerative diseases, or other bone or joint conditions?

Is your dog recovering from surgery or injury?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, your dog needs Rocky’s Retreat! We have just what your dog needs, hydrotherapy for dogs in Orlando!

Non-weight bearing exercises such as warm water swimming are proven to help build muscle tone, increase cardiac fitness, loosen joints, relax muscles, increase flexibility, and reduce stress, pain, and anxiety. Swimming is an ideal exercise because it delivers a safe and low-impact full body workout.

Rocky’s Retreat offers two general types of sessions for hydrotherapy for dogs in Orlando:

Assisted and Recreational

Assisted Hydrotherapy Sessions

Assisted hydrotherapy sessions are ideal for dogs who are:

Also great for dogs who haven’t yet learned to swim or who fear water.

In our assisted canine hydrotherapy sessions, a trained and certified canine hydrotherapist is always in the pool with your dog, guiding the session, monitoring your dog’s health, and ensuring maximum benefit from the session. Sessions are customized to the individual needs of each dog. We encourage you to be in the room to observe the session.

Assisted Swim Session Pricing:

1 hour – $99
½ hour – $55.00
10% discount off above single session price for 1st-time clients.

Special 1/2 Hour Packages:

5 for the price of 4: $242 ($48.40 per session). Expires in 5 months.
Once a week 6 pack: $264 ($44 per session). Expires in 2 months. 
Twice a week 6 pack: $247.50 ($41.25 per session). MUST be used 2 times a week otherwise 2nd weekly session is lost. Expires in 6 weeks.

Special 1 Hour Packages:

5 for the price of 4: $396 ($79.20 per session). Expires in 5 months.
Once a week 6 pack: $429 ($71.50 per session). Expires in 2 months.

First-Time Client? Please visit our General Policies page for First-Time Client information.

Recreational Swims

Recreational swims are ideal for dogs who can swim, love to fetch, and who are:

In our recreational swims, you are in charge of the session. While you are not allowed in the pool (it’s against health department codes and a violation of our liability insurance) you are on the sidelines throwing a tennis ball or other toy to direct your dog’s workout. The goal in a recreational swim is to keep your dog in the water swimming throughout the session to maximize the workout.

For most dogs suited for recreational swims, we recommend a half hour session. Swimming for a continual 20 to 25 minutes during a half hour recreational swim session is all most dogs need to stay fit.

Recreational Swim Pricing:

1 hour – $45
½ hour – $25
Special: Buy 4 get one FREE*! (20% discount).
*Expiration: All 5 sessions must be used within 5 months of purchase.

You must schedule an assisted swim prior to booking a recreational swim. We want to ensure your dog’s safety in the pool.

Swim Your Dog Healthy™ at Rocky’s Retreat. Come experience Canautics™, our own unique method of canine water therapy, developed by the nation’s leaders in canine hydrotherapy.