The Benefits of CBD Oil For Dogs with Cancer

CBD Oil for Dogs with Cancer

Learning that your pup has cancer can be heartbreaking. We’re here to share some good news regarding how CBD oil for dogs with cancer can help.

CBD Oil for Dogs with CancerThe Benefits of CBD Oil for Pups With Cancer

CBD oil has been most beneficial for pups with arthritis, diabetes, and seizures to help ease these physical pains. Since the CBD oil is extracted from hemp without THC, your pup won’t experience elevated emotions or a “high.” 

Keep in mind, there aren’t formal studies on the effects of CBD oil with dogs at the moment. However, scientists confirmed that cannabinoids interact with the central and peripheral nervous systems’ endocannabinoid receptors, which can help keep the body in a healthy state.

In case you missed it, we were featured in a story on local news with WFTV! The channel looked into CBD oil as a pain relief treatment for pets. April shared in her interview how the oil has helped Rocky Retreat’s foster pup Cookie.

Cookie, Rocky's Retreat foster dogHow CBD Oil Helps Cookie

CBD oil and fish oil are integral to Cookie’s daily regimen. CBD oil helps ease his physical pain (and helps him come out of his shell!) while fish oil helps slow cancer growth. The oils are added on top of his lunch or even on a piece of cheese to easily provide him with this treatment. 

We Teamed Up with a Local, Organic CBD Company

To sell quality CBD oil for your pup, we partnered with Kono Naturals, a local company that sells a collection of sustainable, organic, and carefully-designed CBD products. Kono Naturals provides a safe and natural alternative to manage your pup’s health and wellness.

Contact Us to Purchase CBD Oil for Dogs with Cancer

Now that you have a better understanding of how CBD oil for dogs with cancer can be beneficial, you might be thinking about purchasing it for your pup. We’re excited to offer CBD oil for your pup at Rocky’s Retreat. Stop by our facility or contact us today to learn more and help your pup!