Dog Boarding Facilities Orlando

Dog Boarding Facilities Orlando

When searching for ‘Dog Boarding Facilities Orlando,’ not all provide the same experience. Learn what makes us unique.

When you search for ‘Dog Boarding Facilities Orlando,’ what features are you hoping to find? Personal attention? Group play? Beautifully appointed suites? At Rocky’s Retreat, we provide our furry guests with all of the above!

And we do it because we love to!

What Makes Us Unique

Among all the dog boarding facilities in Orlando, Rocky’s Retreat provides a level of comfort that can’t be found anywhere else. Our staff treats all pups like their own. They give them one-on-one attention, they practice training behavior and they personalize playgroups with your pup’s well-being in mind. Each member of the staff is dedicated to making your pup’s experience as comfortable and joyous as possible.

It’s our responsibility to ensure that every pup that walks through the door is treated with love and care, regardless of how they look. We don’t discriminate based on breed, size or shape. All pups are welcome to join our big, happy family!

Dog Boarding Facilities OrlandoOur dog boarding package includes a full day of doggie daycare and a full day of playtime. Playtime consists of one-on-one attention and group fun. We’re unique in that we personalize each playgroup to maximize safety and comfort. You won’t have to worry about your shy, little pup being paired with an active, larger dog. However, being surrounded by pups of all sizes can expose your pup to new personalities and teach them social skills.

Aside from all the playtime they’re going to get, we make it a point to set aside time for cuddle time, belly rubs and intimate attention. We’ll feed your pups the dinner of your choice, dispense medications as needed and clean their rooms daily. In reality, there aren’t other dog boarding facilities in Orlando that offer this all-inclusive package.

Dog Boarding Facilities Orlando

If you’re searching the internet, debating between all the different ‘Dog Boarding Facilities Orlando,’ come take a tour of our facility to see what we’re all about! There’s a reason we’re a pup’s favorite place to vacation!