We’ll Be Your Answer To ‘Dog Care Near Me’

Dog Care Near Me

If you’re looking for ‘dog care near me,’ what better experience to give your pup than at the ultimate dog party? We offer the following services and more!

Daycare During The Day 

Dog Care Near MeAre you searching for ‘dog care near me’ in the hopes of finding somewhere that can watch your pup during the day? Then, our doggie daycare service would be for you! You can drop off your pup Monday through Friday anytime after 7:30 am for a full day in doggie paradise. We also offer a pickup and drop off service for $10 each way depending on distance. 

Once your pup is with us, the fun begins. We’ll separate all our dogs for the day into personalized playgroups that they’ll be able to spend time with outside. Our backyard is a giant sandpit that’s perfect for digging and running. Once group playtime is over, we’ll also give them individual attention that includes games, brushing and ear cleaning. 

Dog Boarding At Night 

If overnight care is what you need, that’s what you’ll get at Rocky’s Retreat! Our overnight dog boarding package includes a full day of doggie daycare, plus so much more. We have several beautifully appointed suites that vary in square footage and features. You can find more information about those here!

‘Dog care near me’ has never been more luxury than with cuddle time, calming music, frozen Kong treats, daily room cleaning, a “turn down” service and a bedtime tuck-in. You could say we’re a boutique doggie hotel! Be sure to keep your phone on you because we’ll be sending daily pictures your way! 

Rocky’s Retreat Can Be Your ‘Dog Care Near Me’

Whatever kind of care you need, we’d be happy to lend a helping hand. With over 8 years in business, we’ve established a reputation of love and care in the dog community. Just ask our reviews! 

To make a reservation or schedule a tour of our facility, contact us today! We’ll do whatever we can to accommodate your needs.