With Beautifully-Appointed Suites, You Could Call Rocky’s Retreat The Next Best Dog Hotel

Dog Hotel

You may confuse us for a regular hotel when you learn about the experience we offer our guests. Take a look at how our dog boarding service could double as the next best dog hotel in town.

Check-In To Your Pup’s Suite

Just like your typical hotel check-in, we require paperwork to be filled out prior to your arrival so that we can guarantee a room is available for your pup’s stay. If you’re a first-time client, you can review our policies page for more information. Once all necessary paperwork has been approved and a suite has been chosen, we will show you and your pup to its room and give you a tour of the facility. 

Dog HotelTake Advantage Of Amenities 

Even this dog hotel has plenty of amenities! From a huge outdoor play area filled with sand to a pool designed for hydrotherapy, our dog boarding service has everything your pup may need to keep busy. We offer a full day of supervised outdoor play that consists of group activities, fetch and tug of war, private playtime and swimming (when requested). 

Enjoy Dinner & Complimentary Treats 

At our dog hotel, we ask that you please provide your pup’s usual dinner to ensure normalcy. We wouldn’t want your pup to get sick or feel under the weather if they were to eat something they aren’t used to. During dinnertime, we’ll also dispense medication as necessary, and provide complimentary treats when all is said and done! Even pups crave dessert. 

Daily Room Cleaning & Turn-Down Service

Our guests are spoiled if you couldn’t tell. Each day, our staff will clean the pup’s suites and turn down the room in time for bed. This includes calming music, the fluffing of blankets and preparing the room for a comfortable night. 

Bedtime Tuck-In

No night is complete without a bedtime tuck-in. Once the pups are worn out from playing and are ready to rest their eyes, our team will tuck in each and every pup into their beds and provide all the belly rubs necessary for them to feel at home. This is often one of our favorite parts of the day! 

Check-Out Or Extend Your Stay! 

Check out is daily at noon, but you can request late check-out for an additional charge. We also offer discounts for pups who stay for an extended period of time, so if you’re looking to board your pup at our dog hotel for a long vacation, let us know ahead of time so that we can honor your discount! 

If you’re looking for the perfect dog hotel that will make your pup feel right at home, you can expect nothing less from Rocky’s Retreat. Contact us today if you have any questions or schedule a tour of our facility to get a feel of the experience your pup could have with us!