Our Most Pupular Service Includes A Dog Pool: Here’s Why

Dog Pool

Are you searching for a dog pool for your active pup? You’ve come to the perfect place.

Here are a few benefits your pup can get out of hydrotherapy:

For Pups With Bad Joints 

Does your pup struggle to get up and down? Do you feel like their little legs are weaker than they used to be? While we’re no specialists, a lot of pups suffer from bone and joint conditions that cause their legs to tighten and sore. 

First thing’s first, you should take your pup over to a vet to diagnose the issue. Arthritis, dysplasia and other degenerative diseases are common in dogs, especially of age. But not to worry, water therapy is an ideal exercise to get your pup feeling themselves again. Our hydrotherapy service has proven to build muscle tone, increase cardiac fitness, loosen joints, relax muscles, increase flexibility and reduce stress, pain and anxiety. It’s the perfect solution that’s also fun! 

For Pups Who Need To Lose A Few Lbs

Our dog pool isn’t just for injured pups. Swimming is an awesome exercise for pups who are overweight and need to lose a few pounds. Not to mention, it’s fun and refreshing in this Florida heat. 

Our assisted hydrotherapy sessions are led by a trained and certified hydrotherapist who guides your pup step by step, monitors their health and ensures a safe, low-impact full-body workout. Each session is customized to meet the dog’s needs, so you can guarantee a productive process. 

For Pups Who Love To Swim Or Are Learning To Swim

Dog PoolSure, the health benefits are astounding, but our dog pool is also for pups who simply love to be in the water! We often have pup parents sign them up for a hydrotherapy session during daycare or boarding so that their pup can get the best of both worlds. We also have experience teaching pups to swim so that one day, when they graduate to a bigger doggy pool or lake, they’ll have had proper training. 

Our dog pool offers so many other benefits that you can learn more about here. If you’re interested in trying a session, feel free to give us a call! We’d be happy to give you more information about how hydrotherapy can help your fur baby.