3 Things People Say About Our Dog Sitting Services

Dog sitting services

We know finding the right dog resort is a MUST for every dog owner. That’s why we provide special care and attention in our dog sitting services.

“You can tell that everyone truly loves animals of all kinds.” -Jason Earhart

If you know the story behind Rocky’s Retreat, then you know that we come from a long line of loving our dogs! We care for pups of all ages, breeds, necessities, you name it! We truly love what we do, whether we’re working with your pup in a hydrotherapy session or customizing group playtime. At Rocky’s Retreat, we pay special attention to every detail to make sure your pup has a great (and safe) time!

Dog sitting services“As someone with a senior dog who sometimes has special needs, it’s super meaningful to have had Rocky’s Retreat.” -Diane Van Leunen

We provide dogs of all ages and needs with the attention they need. Our dog sitting services are customized per pup because we want to put you (and your pup!) at ease whenever you visit our dog resort. We care about each pup and want to give them the customized treatment they deserve in a safe and fun environment.

“I cannot tell you how thankful I am to have found them.” -Mickie Cason-Boehm

We love hearing when pup owners share their overflowing love for their pups with us. We know just how important every dog is, and we want them to know they’re loved whether they’re with their owner or with us at Rocky’s Retreat! Our dog sitting services are intended to take the pressure off of owners so they can go on their own vacation, or just take a day off for themselves. We keep an eye on a maximum of 12 dogs per day to give them the attention they need.

Ready to Check Out Our Dog Sitting Services for Yourself?

Schedule a tour at our facility today, and contact us with your questions! We can’t wait to see you and your pup at Rocky’s Retreat.