3 Ways We’re Changing The Game For Dog Sitting Services

Dog Sitting Services

Your pup deserves to meet new people and experience new things too. Here’s how we’re changing the game for dog sitting services.

1. We’ll Pick Up & Drop Off

We aren’t your average dog sitter– we don’t come to hang out at your house and we don’t just ‘sit’ your dog. But, what we will do is drive to your house and pick up your pup for a fun day of doggie daycare!

Our doggie daycare service consists of one-on-one attention with your pup, outdoor playtime with a personalized group, training reinforcement, nail trimmings, brushing and lots of love. After the day is done, we can drop your pup right back off just in time to greet you! If you’re a working dog parent in need of reliable pup care, we can be your go-to source.

2. We Practice Social Skills & Mental Stimulation

Sure, there’s nothing wrong with dog sitting services that allow you to leave your pup at home, but the benefits of exposing them to other breeds and new people are well worth it. Dogs are a lot like humans in the way that they learn and grow through interaction.

If your pup is one that becomes timid around others, the best medicine could be exposure. But don’t worry, we don’t throw dogs outside in hopes that they play well together. We’re known and praised for our careful selection of playgroups.

We get to know your pup and their temperament, and then pair them with 2-3 dogs that we’re sure they’ll love. And if they don’t love them, we’ll opt for intimate playtime to ensure they feel comfortable.

Dog Sitting Services

 3. We Offer Additional Services To Get The Most Out Of Your Experience

Does your pup struggle to climb the stairs or move around the house? Or maybe they suffer from joint or health conditions? One of our most prestigious services is hydrotherapy, and it could be exactly what your pup needs.

Hydrotherapy is essentially water therapy that has been proven to help build muscle tone, increase cardiac fitness, loosen joints, relax muscles and even reduce pain.

This service can be done while your pup is over for doggie daycare so that you’re knocking out two needs in one trip! We also offer overnight dog boarding, dog bathing and pup pics at your convenience. If you’re looking for an alternative to dog sitting services, we can assure you that your pup will feel right at home. Check out our reviews and schedule a tour of our facility today!