3 Ways We Make Orlando Overnight Dog Boarding Extra Special

Orlando Overnight Dog Boarding

The thought of leaving your sidekick overnight without you sounds much worse than it actually is. At Rocky’s Retreat, we make Orlando overnight dog boarding extremely personal for your pups to ensure they feel right at home.

Rocky’s Retreat was founded on pure love and compassion for pups. The team we’ve built is composed of certified dog lovers, parents, and caregivers. There’s nothing we love more than meeting new pups to join the family. This is why we offer the most personalized Orlando overnight dog boarding. We believe every dog (and parent, too!) that walks through the door should instantly feel at home.

Through years of growing our team and expanding our facility, we’ve reached a point where we’re able to accommodate more dogs in a more personal way. The customer service your pup receives at Rocky’s for Orlando overnight dog boarding cannot be matched. Here’s how:

Maintaining Routines

We know just as good as anyone that if you change a dog’s routine, you’re going to have to clean up the consequences. It’s important to us that your pup eats what it normally eats and takes their medicine when they’re supposed to. We abide by every dog’s routine to ensure they’re getting what they need.

Orlando Overnight Dog Boarding Personalizing Playgroups

Are you concerned your yorkie is going to run around with the big dogs? Trust us, we wouldn’t let that happen unless they were siblings. We take great pride in our reputation for personalizing playgroups. We want all our guests to have fun and feel comfortable with pups their own size. A dog’s safety is first on our radar, always.


Implementing Intimate Time

As excited as pups get when they see each other, their energy needs to be preserved just like ours does. We make it a point to allow dogs to rest and recoup in their rooms, followed by massages and belly rubs. At Rocky’s Retreat, the intimate experience your pup receives should give you peace of mind. We play calming music, clean their rooms daily, and turn down their room for Orlando overnight dog boarding.

Rocky’s Retreat is your best option for Orlando overnight dog boarding. And we’re not just saying that. With years of experience growing our company, we can assure you that Rocky’s will be your pup’s new favorite spot. Contact us today to take a tour of our facility! We’d love to meet you and your furry friends!