Debating Between An Orlando Puppy Daycare or A Dog Sitter? Here’s Why Rocky’s Retreat Is A Good Choice

Orlando Puppy Daycare

Are you debating between enrolling your dog in an Orlando puppy daycare or hiring a part-time sitter? This is why you should choose us no matter your debate!

Being a dog parent is, in many ways, like being a human parent. You have to ensure your pup is safe, fed, looked after, learning, and growing. It’s a huge responsibility that’s not always considered when taking in this new member of the family. When it comes to working adults who must seek care for their pups while they’re away, there are two routes you could go. One being Orlando puppy daycare, and the other being hiring a dog sitter. But, which one is best for your pup’s development? We’re sharing how we take care of your dog at Rocky’s Retreat!


Socializing With Other Pups

You may not realize it, but when your puppy plays and associates with other pups, they’re practicing social skills that are vital towards their development! Just like people, pups need to be exposed to other pups in order to practice acceptable behavior. At Rocky’s Retreat, our Orlando puppy daycare package includes playtime with small, intimate groups of dogs. We hand-pick playgroups to ensure all dogs are safely playing with pups of similar sizes and temperaments. It’s important for us to create a comfortable environment for each pup that walks through the door.


Receiving More Exercise & Attention

Orlando Puppy DaycareHiring a dog sitter is a great option if they’re actively taking your pup on walks and giving them attention. But, if you’re concerned that this may not always be the case, you should seek an Orlando puppy daycare. At Rocky’s Retreat, our program offers one-on-one attention, training reinforcement, socialization, off-leash play time, and plenty of sand for digging! There’s no question your pup will stay fit and happy at our place.

Pricing for our Orlando puppy daycare program varies by packages. We offer a single-day pass at Rocky’s for $40, or if you want to pay upfront for a 30-day pass, the price goes down to just $30 a day. We do our best to work with our customer’s schedules to ensure their pup is getting the most out of their time with us.

If you’re interested in enrolling your pup in an Orlando puppy daycare, give us a call today! We even offer a free tour if you want you and your pup to check out our facility beforehand. We’d love to add another pup to our Rocky’s family!