How to Find the Best Orlando Dog Daycare

Best Orlando Dog Daycare

If you’re looking for the best Orlando dog daycare, we’ve got you covered! At Rocky’s Retreat, we offer personalized dog daycare services so you can sit back and relax when you’re away.

Customized Playtime

Playtime can be an important factor when you’re searching for the best Orlando dog daycare. When you’re on vacation – even on a staycation – we understand you want to know your pup is in good hands. That’s why we personalize each pup’s group playtime sessions. This personalization can be based upon your pup’s temperament, size, and personality. 

If your pup is shy and smaller in size, then we can adjust the group your pup is placed with during playtime to make sure your pup is comfortable. Plus, our entire backyard is a sandpit! This is one of many fun facts you should know about Rocky’s Retreat before you go.

Best Orlando Dog DaycarePhoto Updates Of Your Pup

Along with customizing playtime, we also send photo updates to give owners peace of mind about how their pup is doing with us. We understand you might miss your pup when you’re away and want to check in on them. We’ll send you updates, including photos, so you know your pup is safe and sound, having a ball!

Online Customer Reviews

Another important factor to consider when you’re searching for the best Orlando dog daycare is company reviews. Keep an eye out for what customers share about their pup’s daycare experience on websites such as Yelp, Google My Business, and the Better Business Bureau. This can help you determine if a daycare location is the right fit for your pup.

Schedule a Tour of the Best Orlando Dog Daycare

Ready to see Rocky’s Retreat for yourself in person to decide if we’re a good fit for you and your pup? Schedule a tour when it’s convenient for you! We’ll show you around the facility, answer your questions, and discuss your daycare session options before you bring your pup to our canine health and wellness center.