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4 Fun Facts About Our Dog Resort

Looking for a safe (and fun!) dog resort you can count on so you can take your own vacay? Worry not – we’ve got you covered!

Dog resort love, forming a heartSince 2011, we’ve been dedicated to giving pups and their owners peace of mind at our dog resort. You might think you know Rocky’s, but we’re sharing four fun facts with you to give you an inside look!

1) There Were 2 Dogs Named Rocky

The original owner and founder of Rocky’s Retreat, Sherri Cappabianca, opened Rocky’s Retreat when she had a golden retriever named Rocky. In 2017, Sherri and her business partner Toby sold the business to retire. Along came April and Robert, the current owners of Rocky’s Retreat. Around the time that April and her husband were looking into buying Rocky’s Retreat, April’s father had passed away, and his dog was named Rocky! April recognized this as another sign that she and her husband had to pursue the business.

Dog resort fun facts, pup running2) We Personalize Daily Playtime With Groups Based On Pup Size And/Or Temperament

Daytime is playtime! We know how much some pups love running around, getting exercise, and interacting with other pups. We limit the number of dogs to a max of 12 per day at the dog resort. This helps us ensure we give each pup a sufficient amount of attention. 

During socialization, we personalize pup groups to make them (and their owners!) feel comfortable with other pups their own size and/or temperament.

3) Our Entire Backyard Is A Sandpit

The sandpit is a great place for pups to dig, play, and get their physical activity in. We dedicated our backyard to the sandpit to make sure they have plenty of space to roam around in a safe and healthy environment.

4) We Host Events, Including Taking Pro Photos Of Your Dog

We understand how busy dog moms, dads, friends, and everyone in the family is! You probably have thousands of photos of your pup on your phone. Our team takes your dog pics to the next level by snapping professional photos of you and your pup for a lifetime of memories.

Want to Check Out the Dog Resort for Yourself?

Now that you’ve got some behind-the-scenes facts about our dog resort, take a tour or make a reservation to check it out in person. We look forward to seeing you and your pup soon!