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Orlando Dog Training

Pro tip: Invest your time in these Orlando dog training tips to save you from a future of chaos. We’re listing five ways to form good household habits. Training a new pup or any pup is no easy feat. It takes incredible dedication and patience. The following Orlando dog training tips are perfect for implementing…

cats and dogs

Dogs and cats are from two completely different worlds. The popular idiom “fighting like cats and dogs” exists for a reason. It’s in their nature to view each other with a certain degree of animosity; dogs perceive cats as prey while cats perceive dogs as a threat. Most people would be wary of having both…

Crate Training A Puppy

There is a lot of stigma around crate training a puppy. We’re giving you rules to follow if you decide to do so. Rocky’s Retreat is a doggie daycare and boarding facility that has experienced pups of all different breeds, sizes, ages, and training backgrounds. We don’t discriminate and we respect that pups come from…

Recently on 2 separate occasions I was talking with clients about recommendations they received to switch to breed specific food for their dog. One dog was a lab and the other was French bulldog puppy. For the French bulldog pup, the vet recommended they switch to a food specifically made for English bulldogs.

I read an interesting article in the Orlando Sentinel the other day that talked about a new study that shows that your dog is very good at discriminating happy faces from angry ones.

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Eddie swimming in the pool

As we have often said, we use ozone to sanitize the water in our indoor pool. Why is that? Because chlorine is toxic, it’s a poison that kills things like e. coli and giardia. In a pool you need something to kill bacteria and other germs and chlorine is the most popular choice because it’s inexpensive. Unfortunately, because it’s toxic, it has actually been linked to serious health problems in humans because it absorbs quickly through the skin.

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Beginning May 1, 2014, Rocky’s Retreat will add dog boarding and daycare to our list of services. Why? Because of demand. We get calls all the time for boarding yet it’s something we never planned to offer. So what will this look like? In the short term, we’ll have space for a limited number of dogs, and we plan to take those dogs home with us.

You may or may not know this, but we spent a year researching what type of sanitation system we wanted to use in our aqua therapy center. We instinctively knew chlorine was very bad, and never considered it. We briefly considered bromine, a chlorine substitute, but again, it has many of the same harmful effects as chlorine. Then we looked at salt, but felt it would be too drying to both our skin and to the dog’s skin.

There’s been a lot of discussion lately on the use of stem cells in the treatment of chronic conditions in humans. The question is whether these cells are viable or will they be rejected by the recipient. With animals, this is not a concern as stem cells are sourced and harvested from the animal’s own fat cells offering little danger of rejection.

Most people are under the assumption that mixed breeds are healthier than purebreds. There is some logic to this. When two or more breeds are blended together, we assume the chance of inheriting a breed–specific disease or condition is less probable. Designer breeds have become very popular because of the notion that breed blending produces healthier dogs.