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Orlando aqua therapy for dogs

Vets are raving about the benefits of Orlando aqua therapy for dogs. Read on to learn about Rocky’s Retreat hydrotherapy services and the incredible benefits they can offer to your dog! If you have a senior dog or a dog that lives with chronic physical ailments such as hip dysplasia, arthritis, or joint pain, we…

It’s the diagnosis everyone dreads, whether it affects our 2 legged family members and friends or our 4 legged ones. I’ve just experienced it. On Wed. Sept. 27th, I lost my beloved golden retriever, Yankee, one of the house dogs at Rocky’s Retreat, to hemangiosarcoma. He was diagnosed on Aug. 25th and gone just a month later. He would have been 10 on Oct. 7th. 

Hydrotherapy can help older dogs with arthritis

Along with proper nutrition, grooming and regular veterinary care, a regular exercise program is essential for all dogs, but is even more important for senior dogs. Why is exercise so important for older dogs? First, it helps maintain your dog’s ideal body weight.

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dogs aging

Just like people, each dog ages differently. In general, mixed breeds and smaller dogs tend to live longer than purebreds or larger dogs. Dogs less than 20 pounds may not seem to show any signs of age until they’re around 12, 50-pound dogs around 10, while larger dogs begin to show their age between 7 to 9 years old. As a general rule, a dog who is 7 years or older should be considered middle to senior aged.

Smudge is such a great boy. His right leg was amputated last year due to an accident. He’s a 13 year old beagle shephard mix, and this was his first time in the water. It was an emotional experience for all the humans!

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