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Dogs Aging Process – What Can We Do to Help Slow the Process?

Just like people, each dog ages differently. In general, mixed breeds and smaller dogs tend to live longer than purebreds or larger dogs. Dogs less than 20 pounds may not seem to show any signs of age until they’re around 12, 50-pound dogs around 10, while larger dogs begin to show their age between 7 to 9 years old.  As a general rule, a dog who is 7 years or older should be considered middle to senior aged.

Watching our dogs aging is a difficult process for all of us who love our companions.  Because we want to give them the best quality of life possible we need to be aware of what is actually occurring during the aging process.  A few of the signs of dogs aging (aside from the chronological age) and potential solutions are:

Dogs aging can experience many changes in their bodies. Some dogs may have more notable changes than others, and in some dogs, the changes may start to occur at a younger age.  The best thing you can do is to monitor your dog for physical and behavioral changes and if you think that these changes may not be normal, check with your veterinarian. Be proactive with your dog’s health and you’ll be able to enjoy your dog’s company for longer period of time.