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How Consistent Winter Park Dog Grooming Can Help Your Furry Companion

You might be wondering when, where, why, and how frequently you should groom your dog. We’re covering all of that, including how Winter Park dog grooming can help with more than just keeping your pup clean!

Orlando dog groomingDog Grooming Can Help Ease Your Pup Into Human Interaction

If you have a young pup or a dog that hasn’t been groomed, start grooming at your home. Known as desensitization, this can help your pup get accustomed to grooming and human interaction to ease into the process.

You can turn grooming time into a fun activity with your pup by giving them a toy to play with or focus on, and reward them with a treat after the Winter Park dog grooming session is complete. As they get older and you take them to a dog groomer, they’ll be a seasoned pro!

When to Schedule a Dog Grooming Appointment

The frequency can depend on your pup’s hair length, the type of coat, breed, and age. We recommend grooming your pup at least once a month to keep your pup looking and feeling great.

In between grooming sessions, you can brush your pup’s fur once a week to help keep the coat smooth, prevent painful buildup from oils and other substances, and help with shedding.

Hiring a Professional Can Help You and Your Pup

Consider hiring a professional to freshen up your pup once your pup is old enough and comfortable with it. Although you can purchase all of the tools to take care of your pup at home, hiring a professional can save you time and free up your storage area.

They’ll also have all the necessary tools, a dedicated space for grooming or bathing dogs, and you’ll get some time to relax! You can even hire a mobile dog groomer if you or your pup feel more comfortable at home.

Chat with a professional to make sure you can schedule appointments with ease at a convenient location.

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