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Have you ever heard of seasonal depression in pets? Yes, you read that right. Pets can get seasonal depression too, just like humans do. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s everything you need to know about seasonal depression in pets – including the signs, when to call your vet, and the not-so-scary treatment…

Doggy Day Care

Just like humans, dogs are influenced by their environment. Here’s how doggy day care can have a positive effect on your pup’s development. The Benefits Of A Consistent Schedule If you’re a working dog parent, you know your pup will be waiting for you by the door around the time you’re supposed to be home….

cats and dogs

Dogs and cats are from two completely different worlds. The popular idiom “fighting like cats and dogs” exists for a reason. It’s in their nature to view each other with a certain degree of animosity; dogs perceive cats as prey while cats perceive dogs as a threat. Most people would be wary of having both…

Crate Training A Puppy

There is a lot of stigma around crate training a puppy. We’re giving you rules to follow if you decide to do so. Rocky’s Retreat is a doggie daycare and boarding facility that has experienced pups of all different breeds, sizes, ages, and training backgrounds. We don’t discriminate and we respect that pups come from…

CBD oil is the newest trend in holistic pet health, yet many pet parents don’t quite know what it is. Here’s a quick breakdown along with some of the benefits.

If you plan on ringing in the New Year with your pup, there are some things to keep in mind to ensure that everyone has a good time…

Anxiety in their dogs is a common problem many dog owners face. This time of year is particularly bad for dogs who have noise phobias. We also deal with it regularly, especially in a boarding situation. In fact, we just had an older dog stay with us who was so anxious during her entire stay that we basically held her for a week.

One day last week, we had a new potential boarding client come with her 2 year old great dane. When they came through the front door, the dog started barking and lunging at me, despite the fact that I wasn’t looking at or otherwise engaging him. A bit later, I bent over with my side to the dog to get some business cards for the owner and the dog lunged at me getting very close to the side of my face, all the time barking. I could feel his breath on my cheek. I wasn’t doing anything that I believed was confrontational.

I have never been a cat person, probably because I’m highly allergic to them and can’t have them in my home. If I touch one I have to wash my hands immediately. If I’m in a room with one, in no time at all, I can’t breathe. I’ve always thought they were cute, but I don’t know a lot about them.

My dog Yankee, a golden retriever, jumps on people.He does it to me when he’s excited, when he greets people who come to my front door and when someone has something in their hand that he thinks he must have. I always figured it was a golden retriever thing because Rocky did it as well,…