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Your Pup’s Behavior Can Improve Greatly Through Doggy Day Care

Just like humans, dogs are influenced by their environment. Here’s how doggy day care can have a positive effect on your pup’s development.

The Benefits Of A Consistent Schedule

If you’re a working dog parent, you know your pup will be waiting for you by the door around the time you’re supposed to be home. Most likely because it’ll be close to dinner time, but also because they missed you, of course! However, what happens when work goes later than expected or traffic doubles the time it usually takes for you to get home? In these instances, pups can sometimes lash out and either chew something they’re not supposed to or behave in a way that’s unlike them.

This is because a consistent schedule is so important for your pup’s peace of mind. If you find the above situations happening more frequently than you’d like them to, doggy day care may be your saving grace.

By dropping your pup off at the same time every day and allowing us to care for them, you’re starting them on a schedule that not only fuels their mind but also benefits their physical health and happiness. At Rocky’s Retreat, we do our very best to feed your pup at their routine time and dispense medications as needed. The consistency has proven to show incredible improvement amongst other pups that come and play on a daily basis.

The Benefits Of Learned Behavior

Doggy Day CareWhile our staff is comprised of dog lovers, we’re also dog parents ourselves who care to initiate good behavior across the board. When our furry guests become regulars, the relationships we build are both trusted and respected. The schedule we maintain every day is consistent so that everyone knows to follow along. And when a group of pups follow along, everybody follows along.

At doggy day care, you can expect your pup to be surrounded by pups their own size and/or temperament. We hand pick playgroups to ensure the safety and happiness of every guest who trots through the door. Exposing pups to different personalities is vital for their development and we can assure you that your pup will grow stronger from their time being loved by everyone at Rocky’s Retreat.

If you’re interested in checking out our facility for doggy day care, fill out this form to schedule a tour! We’d love to add you and your pup to the Rocky’s family!