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CBD Oil: Can it help your pet?

CBD oil is the newest trend in holistic pet health, yet many pet parents don’t quite know what it is.


The first thing most people assume or question when they hear about CBD oil for dogs is “Does this mean my dog will get high?” And the simple answer to that question is, absolutely not. When it comes to your dog’s health and happiness, there are plenty of organic, long lasting and safe methods out there. You do not always have to assume that pharmaceutical drugs, which are only temporary and do not cure most problems, are the only options. Opting for holistic choices for certain health concerns may be a smarter choice in today’s world. CBD oil is proven to be safe, effective and a healthy solution to your pet’s needs. The biggest issue with modern day western medication is all the side effects associated with them, which can unfortunately do more harm than good. 


Giving your pet CBD oil is beneficial to them because it is a simple natural oil.  It is extracted from a hemp plant, not a marijuana plant, and it encompasses no harmful side effects or possible health damage over time. Along with helping animals, CBD oil also provides solutions for humans. Both humans and animals share the same Endocannabiniod system, a set of receptors in the brain that controls basic emotions. CBD helps control those receptors and bring them to a healthy state, free of uncomfortable symptoms. 


What exactly is CBD Oil?


CBD, which is short for Cannibidiol is a non-psychoactive agent, extracted from hemp that contains no THC. It is important to know and understand that CBD oil will not get your pet “high” and causes absolutely no harmful changes to their psychoactive state. When CBD oil is administered, always in the correct dosage, it has a calming effect on your pet and can treat many behavioral as well as physical disorders/disabilities. CBD interacts with the nervous and immune system causing it to relax and stay calm. It is 100% safe for your pet and is a smart and natural alternative treatment for any pet dealing with crippling issues. It will give your pup who is struggling a better quality of life, comfort and relief. And the best part about CBD oil is that it is legal in all 50 states and does not require a prescription to purchase! 


But really…how can it help my dog?


Dog owners who inquire about CBD oil have all different types of reasons for doing so. Most of these pet parents are searching for a holistic approach to help and heal their furry loved ones. CBD oil is known to be the main ingredient in many treatment options that provide internal as well as external care for humans and pets. It is also available in many different forms such as edibles, tincture, oils or even creams. Here are many different uses for CBD oil and health conditions that can benefit from it:



Where do I get it?  Purchase it Here at Rocky’s Retreat!

We have teamed up with a local organic company to provide our customers a few different types of CBD Oil for pets and humans. We offer Kono Naturals CBD in small (up to 25 pounds,) medium (25-75 pounds) and large breed (75+ pounds) oil tinctures as well as a standard human CBD tincture. Kono Naturals CBD oils are 100% THC free organic grade Phytocannabinoid Hemp oil. The are organically farmed with a non-GMO formula and are pesticide and residual solvent free. Come in or call today to purchase some for your pup and don’t forget yourself because your pup needs you to be healthy as well!  We are already hearing amazing results from customers!


Long live happy and healthy pups & their people!