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Rocky’s Retreat Now Offers Boarding and Dog Daycare

Beginning May 1, 2014, Rocky’s Retreat will add dog boarding and daycare to our list of services. Why? Because of demand. We get calls all the time for boarding yet it’s something we never planned to offer. So what will this look like? In the short term, we’ll have space for a limited number of dogs, and we plan to take those dogs home with us. We think this is a great service to offer our clients who believe as we do, that our dogs are our family. Daycare options will include single day and multi-day packages. Reservations for both are required.

Because our focus is always on the health and fitness of our client dogs, all dogs who board with us or come to daycare will also participate in the gym services offered by Barking Dog Fitness. This way we can ensure dogs are getting a well rounded experience while in our care.

What will it look like in the future? That’s a good question! We don’t yet know. But we’re working on a couple of ideas. You can be assured that whatever we do, it will be with your dog’s health and happiness at the forefront of our minds!