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New Research on the Dangers of Chlorine in Water

As we have often said, we use ozone to sanitize the water in our indoor pool. Why is that? Because chlorine is toxic, it’s a poison that kills things like e. coli and giardia. In a pool you need something to kill bacteria and other germs and chlorine is the most popular choice because it’s inexpensive. Unfortunately, because it’s toxic, it has actually been linked to serious health problems in humans because it absorbs quickly through the skin. And there is new research out that substantiates this fact. Here is some of that research.

If chlorine is doing these things to you, you can best believe it’s doing the same thing to your dog. We knew we didn’t want to spend time in chlorine and we certainly didn’t want our client dogs to experience that either. Their health and well-being is too important to us. So we spent the money on an ozone system, something that’s actually therapeutic. If you would like to learn more about our ozone system, please visit this blog post titled “Why We Use Ozone Not Chlorine in Our Pool.”

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