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5 Orlando Dog Training Tips For Forming Good Household Habits

Pro tip: Invest your time in these Orlando dog training tips to save you from a future of chaos. We’re listing five ways to form good household habits.

Training a new pup or any pup is no easy feat. It takes incredible dedication and patience. The following Orlando dog training tips are perfect for implementing in the household. We even get to reap the benefits of good pup behavior when our furry friends come to see us at Rocky’s Retreat!

Here are five tips for forming good habits:

1: Teach Your Pup Its Name & To Come When Called

If you just got a new pup, congrats and welcome to a whole new world filled with unconditional love! The first step to training is choosing, or implementing, your pup’s name that you will verbally use to get their attention. You’ll want to practice calling their name and rewarding them if they come successfully. Nailing down the name is essential for when your pup gets carried away playing with new friends.

2: Set Up A Safe Spot At Home

Orlando Dog TrainingFor most this will be your pup’s crate, but a safe spot can mean a room or area of their own where they can go for sleeping and safety. You’ll want to utilize this spot while you’re home so your pup can hear you and know they’re safe.

A crate is a valuable tool for housetraining so that when you do leave, your pup is familiar with their crate and knows it’s where they go to be alone.

3: Determine House Rules & Stick To Them

Decide beforehand whether or not your pup is allowed on certain furniture and in certain parts of the house. Set these rules and stick to them. It’s vital to be consistent with these house rules to avoid confusion out of their control. Dogs are easily adaptable, so be persistent and they’ll pick up on the dos and don’ts.

4: Discourage From Biting, Nipping & Jumping

It’s no secret that pups get excited and have a tendency to jump when they greet you. While this can be a cute welcoming, it’s wrong to encourage this kind of behavior in the instance that your pup might scare a stranger or knock someone over.

Be adamant that jumping is a no. If they bite or nip, instead of scolding them, try acting as if you’re in great pain. If that doesn’t make them stop immediately, you can resort to other forms of discipline.

5: Reward Good Behavior

If your pup is reacting positively to all of the Orlando dog training tips above, show them some love! Let them know they’re a good pup and offer them a treat, toy, or endless praise. Training takes diligence and patience, but it’s incredibly worth it in the end. There are many Orlando dog training courses you can utilize, but implementing these household training tips will ensure your pup is well behaved in nature. If you’re looking for doggie daycare or overnight boarding, contact us today! We’d be happy to practice training reinforcement during your pup’s time with us.