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2 Ways To Help Your Pup Beat the Heat All Summer Long

Summer can be exciting and exhausting. Just like you, our pups get a little too hot during the summer months. Here are a couple ways to help your pup beat the heat all summer long. 

Whether your pup has a long fur coat or a short and sleek one, the powerful summer sun can still warm them up a bit too much for their comfort. 

Whether shaded spots on your stroll in the park or plenty of water, there are several ways to help them stay cool during these heated months. The following are two ways to help your pup beat the heat all summer long. 

#1 Treat your pup to some homemade frozen goodies

How bad do you crave a good froyo, popsicle, scoop of ice cream or glass of ice water during summer? Your pup also craves sweet treats too–and they’re even sweeter during the summer months. 

You can buy a bag of frozen mangos or blueberries if you’re looking for a quick fix. Or, you can take a few minutes to whip up a homemade treat, such as our pumpkin peanut butter balls, and freeze it. 

Another tasty frozen delight is to mix applesauce and peanut butter together, fill a Kong with it and then freeze it. You can also toss a few ice cubes in your pups water bowl.

Help your pup beat the heat with water#2 Unique ways to use water to cool your pup

Water is one of the best ways to keep your pup cool during the summer. If you don’t have a pool, it’s okay, there are a few unique ways to incorporate water and keep your pup cool. 

One way is by wetting a towel and offering it for them to lay on. You can also invest in a cooling vest

A few additional tips to help your pup beat the heat include making sure they have plenty of water, avoiding hot pavement during walks, and brushing them regularly so they aren’t weighted by excess fur. 

If you’re trying to help your pup beat the heat this summer, we can help. We offer several ways for pups to splash around during the day whether it’s a hydrotherapy session or a recreational swim, they’re sure to have a blast keeping cool with us. View more about how you can get started here.