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3 Easy Dog Tricks To Teach Your Pup

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? These 3 dog tricks are easy enough to teach any dog, young or old.

dog tricks

1). Shake Hands

As far as dog tricks go, this might be one of the easiest ones a pup can learn. It’s a classic, and because it’s so simple, it’s usually one of the first tricks a dog learns. Dogs are naturally inclined to paw at their human when they want something. Has your dog ever tapped on your leg while you were eating? That’s probably because they were trying to get your attention – and some of your food. 

Start by holding a handful of treats in a closed fist. Your dog will try pawing at your hand – they know what you’ve got, and they want those treats! Each time your pup taps your hand, reward them with a treat. After a few tries, start issuing the “shake” command. Your dog will eventually connect “shake” with giving you their paw. And your furry friend will impress all the other dogs at doggie daycare with his or her cool, new trick.

2). Roll Over

You might think that teaching your dog to roll over is one of the harder dog tricks to learn, but it’s actually relatively easy. Like most things, it just takes a bit of time and practice. First, you’ll need to start with your pup in the “down” position. With your dog lying down, take a treat and hold it up to their nose. Use the treat to lift and turn your dog’s head so that their body weight shifts, causing them to lie on their side.

Next, with your dog still lying on their side, use another treat to lead their head around to the side, making it so their body weight shifts to where they are now lying flat on their back. Complete the trick by placing the treat just out of reach of your dog’s mouth. This will get them to do a complete roll. 

While this trick is fun to learn, it’s not for all dogs. If your dog suffers from arthritis or other bone or joint conditions, you might want to sit this one out and check out our hydrotherapy for dogs instead.

dog tricks

3). Kiss

Who doesn’t love being bathed in big, sloppy smooches from their pooch? If you don’t mind your dog’s bad breath, one of the cutest dog tricks you can teach your dog to perform is to kiss on demand. By using a sticky note, a clicker, and some treats, you can ask your dog to lay one on you. 

All you need to do is place the sticky note on the side of your cheek and get your pup to touch it with his or her nose. Once they make contact, use the clicker and reward them with a treat. Repeat the process, gradually working the word “kiss” into the training.

If you’re interested in any of our dog services at Rocky’s Retreat, contact us today! We’d love to meet you and your pup – and see all of his or her cool new tricks!

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