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5 Of Our Best Tips To Help You Work At Home With Your Pet

Whether you’re a remote-working newbie or a pro, it can be challenging to work at home with your pet! Here are five tips to keep you focused and your furry friend happy.

Working from home has its fair share of pros and cons. You may be missing the unlimited coffee bar and socially struggling without your workmates, but now you can wear sweatpants all day and skip the morning traffic commute. 

If you’re lucky enough to be with your furry friend throughout the daythen you know how hard it is to stay focused and be productive. While there’s a learning curve to the remote lifestyle, having a pet looking at you with puppy dog eyes all day, begging to play or cuddle takes the working from home challenge to the next levelor two. 

Fortunately, there are a few simple pointers to help you stay productive and keep your furry friend happy while you work at home!

Tip #1: Create a dedicated workspace at home

For some people the couch or kitchen counter will work, but for others, having a desk and a door are invaluable to their focusespecially if you have a pet who loves giving you nose nudges while you’re typing on the sofa. 

Tip #2: Breaks for your pup and for you

To help keep your furry friend calm throughout the day so you can focus on work, take breaks. Figure every few hours, play a five minute game of fetch, or tug of war, walk around the block or run around in the backyard. 

You can also help release some of your pet’s energy and get some fresh air by replacing your morning commute time with a brisk walk around your neighborhood. 

Tip #3: Pets and belly rubs

Most people and pets are comforted by physical contact. Give your mouse clickers and typing fingers a break from the keyboard and give your pet a few belly rubs and heads scratches to keep them calm. 

5 Of Our Best Tips To Help You Work At Home With Your Pet

Tip #4: Try not to overfeed your pet

Try not to overfeed and throw your pet’s diet off balance by feeding them excessive amounts of treatsespecially processed treats. 

If you do feel the need to give them treats often, you should make sure they’re getting plenty of exercise, such as a good swim or extra walks, and that you’re feeding them healthy, natural options, such as homemade pumpkin and peanut butter balls.

Tip #5: Talk to them

With social distancing and quarantining, you can feel isolated and lonely. Your pets can feel the same way, too. So, for both you and your pet’s benefit, talk to them. 

Pets are known to boost our states of well being and even elevate our creativity; however, when your pet is frequently barking or nose nudging for your attention, focusing on work can feel impossible. 

Try implementing the previous five tips to help you work from home with your pet. And, if they don’t work, we’ll be here for you to keep your pet active and happy throughout the day and let you get back to work. You can learn more about our doggy day care here