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5 Ways to Have Fun with Your Dog

Don’t know about you, but we love spending time with our dogs. As such, we are always looking for activities that we can share with our dogs. Why does this matter? Why should we look for ways to spend time with our dogs?

There’s a number of reasons. First, it improves communication with your dog. It also helps your dog learn (or reinforces) their manners, increases the bond, provides potential exercise for both of you, and as a result, reduces boredom and behavior problems. Research shows that a dog who spends more time with their “human” is easier to live with and is less likely to be given up for adoption. A great side effect is that it can help you too!

If you are always looking for fun ways to spend time with you dog, here are some ideas.

The secret is variety. Your dog will get bored if you do the same activities all the time.

Bottom line, plan to spend some time with your dog! Just like you plan spend time with family, go to the gym, or other activities, you need to add your dog into your daily plans. Do s0, and you’ll be richly rewarded!

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