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A Dog’s Memory

Dogs have great memories when it suits them. Many of them are associated with food. Did you ever notice how our dogs just know where all the goodies are located? They never forget. I’m not just referring to the treat jar at home but all the treat jars in the neighborhood. If the dog received the treat from one kindly person, they’ll remember, and when out for a walk may want to take the route that leads to the reward.

I can’t say that all dogs have this affinity for following the trail, but I think most do as evidenced from talking to my neighbors. A story that my friends still recall is about my dog Maxie, a Labrador retriever who passed in 2008. My next door neighbor at the time would keep her treats in a cabinet in her kitchen. When Maxie and I would come to visit, she would call all the dogs into the kitchen and give them a little taste from the treat jar. One day, Maxie was out in the back yard and my neighbor was doing her wash. To do her wash, she would go outside via the kitchen door and enter the basement through another where the washer/dryer was located always leaving the kitchen door ajar. One day, Maxie had been outside for a while and I called for her to come in. There was no sign of my dog until I saw my neighbor showing her the door and Maxie came running home. My neighbor proceeded to tell me that when she came up from the basement and walked through the door she found she had an unexpected guest. Can you guess? Yes, it was Maxie who was sitting patiently in front of the cabinet where the treats were stored, staring at the door and waiting for her to come back to open it and give her a treat. Initially, I was somewhat embarrassed, but it was laughable. She did this numerous times after that. Whenever she was out she’d walk over and see if the door was open and walk in and wait. Once she received it, she walked out and came back home.

My dog Beau is not quite as brazen. However, when on his walk his intent is usually to go in the direction of the homes where he’s received goodies. If no one is outside he will just look, his head turned toward the house as we walk by. If the person is outside, we’ll stop to say hello – he will blatantly sit directly in front of the person, stare, and wait. Another friend carries treats in his pocket. When we meet him, Beau will sit and stare at the pocket that carries the treats. Usually my friend can’t resist his stare and gives him one. I have to admit, he’s really good at getting what he wants!

If we were to be so forward, people may be offended and view us as rude. Although this behavior isn’t encouraged, the honesty and innocence of my dog’s requests and expectations is sweet. People aren’t upset, on the contrary, they smile and attitudes brighten. That’s not so bad, is it?

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