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A Sunny Day

It’s a sunny warm day, and Beau wants to lay in the grass soaking up the sun. I watch him – he sits sphinx-like, head high looking around – I’m too far away, but I’m sure this nose is twitching. I see his ears rise and fall as he looks around and then looks at me. He relaxes from his watch and eats blades of grass. It must feel good to be so grounded. The earth’s energy adding to his relaxation and balance – intuitively he realizes he needs this.

Beau moved a couple times, just changing locations – maybe the ground feels different, the sun’s rays not so intense, or maybe he just gets better scents and views; sounds are clearer, he’s reading and learning.

I wonder as I watch – what is he thinking? I wish I could be so content to just lie in one place and be truly one with nature, to just listen, observe, and learn.

I need to take some lessons from Beau!

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