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Adopt a Platoon? What’s that?

It was right before Christmas 2011 when my friend Angela started the “Adopt a Platoon” program! She came up with the idea after a conversation with her friend Aaron about his brother Nate, who’s serving our country in Afghanistan. Aaron, a former Marine, was talking about the low morale among our troops. Angela has no connections to anyone in the military, but when Aaron told her that the troops feel forgotten, she felt compelled to do something for Nate’s platoon. So she started collecting donations for a care package for Nate’s platoon. Nate is now in Kandahar, a safer place, (WAHOOO!! Nate’s Mom is so HAPPY!!) where he has access to such luxuries as tooth paste, batteries, etc. He told his Mom that he didn’t feel right getting any more packages while in Kandahar, when all on the front lines are in such need. Nate asked if Angela could instead send the packages to his friend AJ’s platoon, who are serving on the front lines. So this month’s care package is headed to AJ’s platoon. In light of the recent stories coming from Afghanistan, I think our troops are in great need of our support.

Until now, all of the donation locations have been in performer’s “green rooms” in two theme parks, as well as a local dinner show. When Angela sent an email out asking for locations to collect donations, I asked Sherri and Toby if Rocky’s Retreat could be a donation location. The answer was a resounding YES! Sherri’s husband is a Navy Veteran and my Dad served in the 99th Infantry. He was wounded in the Battle of the Bulge and received the purple heart. Rocky’s Retreat is the first location outside of an entertainment venue to collect donations. So let’s show that it’s not just the entertainers from Central Florida that give a lot, it’s also dog lovers of Central Florida that give a lot!! From now until the end of the month, we will be collecting items at Rocky’s Retreat to be shipped out to AJ’s platoon on the front lines in Afghanistan.

Angela was asked to limit the list of items because the troops share everything. They need more than just one or two of a particular item. Here’s this month’s list (all items need to be new and remain in their original packaging please, this all has to go through customs):

Thank you all so much!! I’m hoping that we can keep this going, it’s a small way to show support of those who serve our country.

If you have any questions and would like to contact us at Rocky’s Retreat, 407-295-3888 or contact Angela directly, please feel free to do so.

Angela’s contact information is:

Angela Angel

I don’t understand war, all I know is to reach out and connect with the hearts of the women and men who said yes to put themselves in harms way! We are all connected, so if you are not in a place to donate, then connect with your heart and send the troops your love!!

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