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Altamonte Springs Dog Aqua Therapy Offers 6 Benefits for Your Pup

Altamonte Springs dog aqua therapy has many benefits and healing properties. It is a great way to relieve pain and treat other ailments for your dog.

Imagine how relaxing and enjoyable it is to float and wade through a swimming pool on a beautiful day. Next, think about the weightless feeling the water provides along with the soothing power of the cool, relaxing pool. If you’ve ever taken a water aerobics class or experienced aqua therapy yourself, you understand the fantastic benefits it delivers. 

Now, consider these benefits for your sweet dog who might be recovering from an injury or needs some additional exercise. Altamonte Spring dog aqua therapy, which we proudly offer at Rocky’s Retreat, is a great way to give your pup opportunities for these and much more. Read on to discover how this unique therapy works plus 6 benefits of aqua therapy for dogs.

What is Canine Aqua Therapy?

Aqua therapy is a treatment that uses specific exercises and motions in water as therapy for a wide range of injuries and conditions. The water’s buoyancy provides a low-impact treatment that can improve a dog’s muscle condition, range of motion, strength, and healing injuries. It is great for treating inflammation in older dogs and eases pain in tender joints and muscles. These treatments are typically done in a specialized tub of warm water that could look like a small pool, an underwater treadmill, or a whirlpool tub. Trained staff at Rocky’s Retreat will work with your dog during an assisted hydrotherapy session

6 Benefits of Altamonte Springs Dog Aqua Therapy

Treats Injuries + Assists in Surgery Recovery

According to petmd.com, pool exercises like the ones available in Altamonte Springs dog aqua therapy, can be used to treat a range of injuries. If your dog is recovering from surgery, has arthritis, a neurological problem, or a condition that causes muscles to break down, aqua therapy could be used to strengthen your pup and allow them to have a fun way to work through some physical challenges. We understand dogs need to regain their strength and stamina after a medical procedure or diagnosis, so let our trained and certified hydrotherapist guide your dog through a personalized plan.

Physical Conditioning + Weight LossAltamonte Springs Dog Aqua Therapy

Aqua therapy provides an alternative way to exercise and condition muscles for dogs who are carrying extra weight or deal with muscle weakness. Traditional exercises like running and jumping can be painful for pups carrying a few additional pounds, and Altamonte Springs dog aqua therapy exercises offer an option for them to move much more freely with very little stress on their joints. As a result, these pups want to move more and are willing to run on an underwater treadmill or swim to fetch a toy because it feels good to them rather than causing pain. With consistent aqua therapy sessions, we can help your dog improve muscle strength and tone, plus increase cardiac fitness. This creates a positive plan for these dogs because they are able to be more active and can use their muscles in a safe, low impact environment – very effective for conditioning and weight loss!

Pain Relief

No one wants to live with pain, and your family pup is no different. Whether that pain is caused by a chronic condition, injury, or healing from a procedure, the certified hydrotherapists at Rocky’s Retreat can work with your dog to ease that pain and heal in the safest way possible. If your dog struggles to walk up the stairs because of arthritis or hip dysplasia, and if your dog lives with a joint or bone condition, let us work with them to relieve that pain and soothe the joints in a warm aqua therapy pool. Our techniques will loosen those joints and relax tense muscles, allowing a freer range of motion and a nice stretch for your pup. Our therapy sessions also ease stress and anxiety in dogs, and with the decrease in emotional distress, their physical symptoms are reduced as well. They are not so different from us!

Learning to Swim

Now, stick with us for a minute. There are a lot of dogs who are not naturally strong swimmers. There are also dogs who have a fear of water. These sweet pups need and deserve proper guidance on getting in the water and overcoming these fears. During recreational Altamonte Springs dog aqua therapy sessions, we always have a certified canine hydrotherapist in the water with your pet, monitoring and encouraging them as they learn. These sessions are completely customized based on the dog’s needs and skills, and we welcome owners to stay in the session to observe their progress. 

Both you and your pooch will feel more comfortable around the water after taking swimming lessons with our certified hydrotherapist. If you want to join in the fun, ask us about our recreational sessions where you get to participate in your dog’s class! Before you know it, your pup will be ready to jump in at the backyard pool or lake, and you will have peace of mind knowing they can safely swim and enjoy the cool water.

What questions do you have for us? We are always happy to discuss your individual pet and set up a tour of our facility. We would love to get to know you and your dog!