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Another Benefit of Aqua therapy

There was an article recently in the Orlando Sentinel about a new study on older men and women and the additional benefits of swimming. The study followed 43 older men and women with an average age of 60 who started swimming a few times a week, and found that the swimming lowered the systolic (the top number) in their blood pressure reading. The average person started with a systolic pressure of 131 and after 3 months it was reduced to 122. The article stated that swimming was a great way for older people to exercise because it’s easy on the joints. Results were published in the American Journal of Cardiology.

We believe the same thing will happen with your older dog! We all know older dogs spend most of their time lying around, and when they do exercise, it’s generally a casual stroll around the neighborhood. This will take a toll on their cardiovascular system. Get your older dog into a regular structured exercise program that includes swimming and we believe you’ll see the results in the form of weight loss, increased muscle mass, strength, and endurance. You’ll be giving your dog the best gift you can give – improved quality of life and possibly a longer life with you!

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