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Another Village Saving a Dog

A month ago my friend Angela, a member of my “village” which includes a lot of us theme park performers, called for help! She found a dog roaming her neighboorhood. No collar or tags, no microchip was found, but he was found to be heart worm positive. Angela put the word out! People chipped in with donations as well as offering free gifts and services as donation incentives! Enough money was raised to pay his geneorusly reduced by the vet’s bill and off he went to his foster home! (Check him our with his paw over his foster bro’s shoulder!)

Last night this beautiful dog, now named Colt, found his forever home!! We are all so very happy!! Makes us feel good! Which is true! This feeling we get from doing good deeds is real and has been studied. It has been found to increase our health and longevity! I found this great on line article from WebMD called The Science of Alturism https://www.webmd.com/balance/features/science-good-deeds.

So keep forming those “villages”! Keep doing good deeds! We all benefit! I wish you all Happy Healthy “Heeling” lives!

– Lisa

Here’s Colt and his new “parents!”

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