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Backyard Safety for Your Pets

The Orlando Sentinel had an informative article yesterday titled “How safe is your backyard for your pets?” Is this something we think about? I know I do.

The first thing the article said to look out for is pesticides and herbicides. Pets are lower to the ground than we are, and are typically smaller, so they’re more likely to be susceptible to lawn toxins. Regular exposure to these toxins can cause increased risk of bladder cancer and lymphoma. The article states the primary ingredient to stay away from is a compound called 2,4-D, which is a weed killer. Instead use products from EcoSmart (ecosmart.com) which uses essential oils, or Safer Brand (saferbrand.com) which uses plant-based materials.

The next thing to be aware of is fertilizers. Many fertilizers are maid of blood meal, bone meal, and fish meal, products that pets like to eat. But when eaten, these products can cause bloating, dehydration, and gastro-intestinal blockage. Instead choose vegetable based fertilizers, for example, one that uses cornmeal or alfalfa.

Finally, know what plants in your landscape are toxic. For a list of plants to avoid or to at least be aware of their toxicity, go to the ASPCA’s website (aspca.org) and type “plants” in the search field.

Here’s to a great summer and safety for all your pets!

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