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Going Out Of Town & Looking For Boarding Kennels Near Me? We’ll Love On Your Pup For You

If you found us by searching for ‘boarding kennels near me,’ look no further. We’d love to add you to the Rocky’s Retreat family!

Before we jump the gun, it’s important to do the following two things before you choose a boarding facility: 

Make Sure You Do Your Research 

The number of results that appear when searching for ‘boarding kennels near me’ can be overwhelming. There are tons of boarding facilities in Central Florida that all offer a different experience for your pup. Some may only supply kennels for your pup to sleep in while others (like ours) offer an option for a beautifully appointed suite. Some may not be trained to dispense medications while other staff members went through tedious training. 

Regardless of the varying factors, it’s important to research a company and read the reviews of their customers before making a decision. You can find our Google reviews here. We practice what we preach and our customers can attest to that! 

Take A Tour Of The Facility Before Booking 

Boarding Kennels Near MeThe pictures that appear when you search for ‘boarding kennels near me’ may not be current and up-to-date. That’s why we always advise potential prospects to take a tour of our facility so that they can get a feel for the environment their pups will be staying in. 

When you arrive for a tour, we’ll take you through each room so that your pup can get some good smells of the place. If you choose to board with us, you must make a reservation ahead of time and all dogs must have current vaccination records on file with us.

You can find more information about our boarding policies here

Choose Rocky’s Retreat For Boarding Kennels Near Me 

Not to toot our own horn, but your pup won’t find as much love and personal attention anywhere else. We pride ourselves in being an intimate boarding facility that gives each and every pup a cozy experience. 

Contact us today to book a reservation or schedule a tour! We’d be thrilled to add another furry friend to our family!