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Out Of Town For the Holidays? 5 Tips For Finding The Right Pet Sitter

The holidays are an exciting and busy time of year. If your holidays have you out of the house this season, contact Rocky’s Retreat and set up a playdate for your pup with one of our College Park pet sitters!

As much as they would love to join us on trips, traveling with pets requires a lot of extra planning that doesn’t always make that feasible. What’s the solution? Finding a College Park pet sitter who will take care of your household pet as though they were their own. However, finding a great pet sitter can be a challenge if you’ve never had one before. So how do you know what to look for when searching? Let our team at Rocky’s Retreat help you find the pet sitter who will have Rover or Sasha overwhelmed with gratitude this holiday season. 

Tip #1: The Right Pet Sitter Will Keep Your Pet Physically Active

Keeping your pet active is one of the best ways to keep them physically fit. Regular activity has countless benefits, including reducing your pet’s anxiety, and provides much-needed mental stimulation. Our pet sitters from Rocky’s Retreat will make sure that your pet has plenty of exercise with daily walks, indoor and outdoor and playtime.  

The American Kennel Club shares that activity needs vary depending on the age and breed of your dog, and that consistency and your dog’s comfort level with the activity are two of the most significant factors. If you are trying to help your dog manage their weight or they have a disability, let your pet’s caretaker know. The right College Park pet sitter will take these points into account when caring for your pet’s physical health. 

Tip #2: They Will Keep You Updated On Your Pet While You Are Traveling  

When the phone is your only mode of communication with your furry friend, it is essential to work with a pet sitter who will keep you in the loop! 

Not only will our pet sitter’s from Rocky’s Retreat keep you informed via phone calls, but they can also send you daily photo updates and texts. 

Tip #3: They Will Make Sure Your Pet Is Well-Nourished 

Proper nutrition is a huge part of making sure your pet stays happy and healthy throughout their life. Your College Park pet sitter should communicate with you about your pet’s health and nutrition needs, make sure they are only being fed the correct type of food, and have plenty of water while they are in their care. 

Tip #4: The Right Pet Sitter Will Care About Your Pet’s Safety

The reason that you are trusting your pet to someone else’s care is that you want them to be comfortable, have sufficient food and water, and be safe while you are away. A pet sitter who takes on this responsibility will make sure that necessary safety measures are adhered to while they are with your pet. This means that they will:

Tip #5: They Will Make Your Pet Feel Like They Are On Their Very Own VacationCollege Park pet sitter

Even the best pet sitters can’t replace mom and dad – but they will do their best to make sure Fido or Princess has a great experience until you arrive back home.  

When you’re looking for a pet sitter for your beloved furry friend, make sure they communicate with you about your pet’s favorite games or toys. Anything that will make your pet feel like they are on their very own vacation should be a priority of the pet sitter that you choose.  

What Are The Available Options For Pet Sitting From Rocky’s Retreat?

Pet Sitting By The Hour 

There is a three-hour minimum requirement for hourly pet sitting services. During each visit, your pet’s caretaker will:

Overnight Pet Sitting Services

Overnight pet sitting is available for 12- or 24-hour blocks of time. This service is especially helpful if your pet: 

Overnight care includes all of the same services that hourly pet sitting provides but with the added peace of mind that your pet is not being left alone for extended periods of time.

Forget Your Holiday Worries With In-Home Pet Sitting Services 

Your pet-care plan doesn’t have to add any stress this holiday season – let the team from Rocky’s Retreat help! 

Contact us and sign up with one of our College Park pet sitters.