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Dog Bathing for Winter Park Dogs: Keep Your Dog Looking Fab!

Do you want a clean dog, then consider our dog bathing for Winter Park dogs service for your pup.

When you drop your dog off for boarding, there’s an extra option that you can add. This option is dog bathing for Winter Park dogs. We will make sure that your dog looks clean and ready for you when you come back from your trip.

Whether you’re coming back from a work trip, or a vacation, coming back to a clean dog is always nice. And whether you just want your dog to be bathed by professionals, having a professional dog bathing service will help. There are so many reasons why Winter Park dog bathing is important for your dog and why you should consider it.

A Clean Dog Means a Clean HomeDog bathing for Winter Park Dogs

Having a freshly washed and cleaned dog means you don’t have to worry about your dog laying on your bed and dirtying your sheets, or laying on the couch and dirtying your couch. A clean dog means a clean home.

You Don’t Want to Clean Your Dog After a Trip

You don’t want to have to wash your dog after a long trip. Let’s face it, you’re tired, it’s the last thing that you want to worry about.

Our basic bath for your dog will include a bath, as well as blow drying and brushing, along with an ear cleaning- which will mean that your dog has no excuse as to why s/he isn’t listening to you!

We price our bathing options dependant on the size of your dog. For example, if you have a large dog, like a lab, then it’d be $25. If you have an even larger, X-large dog, like a Great Dane, then that’d be $30.

Here are the rates for you by dog size:

In Addition

We also offer add-ons to our dog bathing for Winter Park dogs. These add-ons include a nail dremel ($15), a teeth brushing ($10), and if you add-on both with a bath than you get a $5 discount! Now isn’t that worth it?!

If you’re thinking of dog bathing for your Winter Park dog, then call us at Rocky’s Retreat to get started today!