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How To Find The Best Dog Boarding Facility In Orlando

Struggling to find a trustworthy and reliable dog boarding facility in Orlando? Rocky’s Retreat is just the place you’ve been looking for!


Your dog is family, and leaving them somewhere new can be really hard to do. We get it, and that’s why we’re here to help you find a boarding facility that you trust. Here are some of the most important things that you should look for before you drop your pup off to stay at any facility. 


Daily Cleaning Processes

Your dog will be most comfortable in a new place if it is regularly cleaned. That is why this should be one of the first things you look for in a dog boarding facility in Orlando! Daily cleaning processes show that the staff is on it and that they will keep close tabs on your dog’s kennel as long as you are away. 


Rocky’s Retreat takes this a step further and even provides a “turn-down” service to help your pup relax in their clean kennel at the end of a long day of playing. 


Group or Private Playtime Opportunities

Some boarding facilities may choose to keep your pet locked up for most of the day without any interaction with the other dogs or staff. Rocky’s Retreat has a different approach.


We understand that group and individual playtime is incredibly important and will help to keep your dog happy and engaged while they are away from you. We take the time to provide supervised group playtime in our outdoor play areas and will also take some time to play with them one-on-one in our indoor rooms. 


Accessible Staff

If you still feel concerned about leaving your dog at a dog boarding facility in Orlando, you might find that you’ll feel a lot better if you are ableDog Boarding Facility In Orlando to stay in contact with the staff. At Rocky’s Retreat, we take the time to send you daily updates and photos to show you just how happy your pup is on their little doggie vacation. We want you to enjoy your time away and will be sure to ease your concerns as much as possible by keeping you in the loop with these regular updates. 


Rocky’s Retreat — The Perfect Dog Boarding Facility in Orlando!

Leaving your pet at a dog boarding facility in Orlando doesn’t have to be scary! You can rest easy knowing that your dog will be treated like family during its stay at Rocky’s Retreat. We take care of your pets as though they are our own and do everything we can to make sure they are cared for and comfortable throughout the length of their stay. 

Fill out the form on our website if you would like to schedule a tour of our facility or to check our upcoming boarding availability!