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Do Your Homework When Choosing Dog Boarding Facilities

Dog boarding facilities have done it again a little over a week ago.

For the 2nd time in a year, a Merritt Island dog boarding facility was cited, this time for leaving a dog out in the hot sun in August, resulting in the dog suffering heat stroke.

When Bogie, the 4 yr. Schnauzer arrived at the vet, his body temperature was 107.6, well above normal. The staff at the boarding facility claimed Bogie had a seizure, but the vet confirmed it was heat stroke. Bogie almost died. This same facility was cited a year ago after a dog in their care was mauled to death while her owners were on vacation.

Our good friend, WKMG reporter, Erik Sandoval, reported both stories. Sadly, this boarding facility is still in business.

After I saw this story, and because people are beginning to make summer vacation plans, it made me want to reiterate what you need to do when choosing a dog boarding facility for your beloved family member.

Do your Homework!

If you’re looking for dog boarding in Orlando or anywhere in Central Florida, there’s no excuse for not thoroughly checking out dog boarding facilities where you would consider leaving your dog. Had Bogie’s parents done that, they likely would have reconsidered their decision to leave him there.

How do you go about checking out a potential dog boarding facility? 

Here are some suggestions: 

Dog Boarding Facility

Dog Boarding Facility

All dog boarding facilities won’t resonate with everyone. Trust your instinct when looking at different facilities. Don’t base your decision on price or convenience alone. If the staff makes you feel comfortable and everything else checks out and looks good, give it a try. If you feel good about it, it’s likely your best friend will too.