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Why Reviews Are So Important When Searching For A Dog Boarding Facility This Summer

Summertime also means vacation time. Have you done your research to determine the best dog boarding facility for your pup?

Every dog boarding facility offers a unique experience. The key is finding out what experience you want your pup to have while you’re away. While it’s critical to do your research before booking, it’s also beneficial to check out reviews that could answer a lot of questions you may have.


Reviews Tell You What You Need To Hear

We can write blogs all day long about our dog boarding services and love for pups, but learning about real experiences from other people will always take the cake. Reviews are a great resource for first-timers who are timid about where they want to board their pup– and rightfully so. It can be controversial whether or not a dog boarding facility actually does what they say they’re going to. Luckily, our reviews validate that concern.    

Below is a review we received that proves we honor our commitment to provide an intimate experience, personalized playgroups and a facility that welcomes each and every dog with open arms:

“We are so happy that we have found Rocky’s Retreat! If I could give more than 5 stars I would! We are first-time dog owners so we were very cautious when selecting the right place that we could trust with our puppy whenever we had to be out of town and most importantly when it was time to deliver our baby! We love their personalized touch to cater to each dog’s specific needs. And we love the human interaction she receives as well as socialization with a controlled amount of dogs.”


Reviews Give You Peace Of Mind

Dog BoardingDo you have a pup that isn’t the most social or doesn’t get along well with other dogs? Believe us, you are not alone. We welcome pups like this all the time and make a personalized effort to ensure your pup is comfortable. Our dog boarding facility doesn’t discriminate based on breed, size or temperament. We simply establish playgroups based on who plays well together.  

If you’re concerned about your pup’s social skills, the following review may give you peace of mind:

“I cannot say enough great things about Rocky’s Retreat. My Harley is a rescue with a difficult past. Rocky’s understands his issues and gives him the individualized attention he loves and craves. It makes me so happy knowing how happy and loved Harley is and feels when he is there. The rooms are awesome, and when Harley walks in he is treated like a celebrity. Everyone makes such a fuss over him. The daily updates – including pics – mean the world to me. I travel almost 1 hour and pass many, many other boarding facilities to get my dog to Rocky’s because they are truly worth the extra effort. This is the last boarding facility you will ever use – others pale in comparison!”

We’re a dog boarding facility that strives to be your pup’s home away from home. Our staff is held to a high standard to not only get to know your pup on a personal level but also do everything we can to ensure their time with us is filled with fun and comfort. If you’re interested in learning more about our services, schedule a tour of our facility or contact us today!