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Dog Boots: Paw Protection to Beat the Heat with Rocky’s Retreat

Why should you consider dog boots for your pup this summer? Here are a few things to remember when walking your dog.

As summer approaches and the Central Florida air temperature starts to rise, so does the ground temperature. Many dog owners enjoy walks with their dogs and have incorporated it into their everyday routine, but many dog owners fall short in remembering one important detail: the pavement is hot!


Dog owners may assume that since their dog’s paws have pads that they are protected against any surface no matter the temperature. Unfortunately, this simply is not true. It is vital to remember that the asphalt temperature in the summertime can reach frying-an-egg-on-the-pavement heights and this leaves the ground unbearable if your dog does not have proper protection, such as dog boots.

This can result in burns on your dog’s paws. Here at Rocky’s Retreat we urge you to make sure your dog’s paws are protected from the heat.

Below are some tips to help your dog this summer from burning their paws.

Dog Shoes/Booties

Dog shoes are a good temporary solution to shielding your dog’s paws against hot asphalt. But for some dogs, in particular, it can be a challenge to put on or keep on. Also, they might have trouble walking in them for a period of time.

Dog boots do have best-practices for making sure your dog gets the best out of them this summer. Here are a few things you should know:

Walk Your Dog in Cooler Weather

dog boots

This tip might seem a little obvious (and unrealistic in the summer months), but if you can, walk your dog as the sun is rising/setting and/or in the evening. The pavement is always cooler during these times.

Keep on the Grass

If you have to walk your dog during the warmer part of the day, make sure he or she stays mostly on the grass. A shady park or an area with much grass is recommended if you have no other choice.

Moisturize their Paws

Opting for a moisturizer for your dog’s paws can aid in preventing burns, cuts, cracking and peeling. Just like human skin, moisturizer is vital in keeping it healthy and strong. If your dog obtains even the slightest injury to their paws, they become easily susceptible to other issues such as infection or bacteria.

Clean and Check Their Paws

Being proactive in checking your dog’s paws daily as well as making sure they are clean is key to their health. This will also show you if your dog has anything you need to be concerned about and take immediate action before it becomes a problem. If you suspect any damage or injury to your dog’s paws take them to their trusted vet to provide further treatment.

Natural Dog Company at Rocky’s Retreat

Here at Rocky’s Retreat, we have partnered with the Natural Dog Company. This skincare line for dogs is 100% natural and organic that provides the top of the line, safest ingredients for your pup.

These healing soothers, protectants and products are guaranteed to be beneficial while naturally healing your dog’s skin. Come in or call us today at (407) 295-3888 to purchase your one of a kind product.

Whether it be for your dog’s nose, snout, paws or skin, and whether it’s dog shoes or natural skincare product, we have the answers you need.