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Dog Day Afternoon in the Dog Park

I don’t usually go to dog parks because I don’t think my dog Beau enjoys them. But it was a nice day and thought we should go out and do a little socializing. Now mind you, these are only my opinions and observations, nothing more.

We entered the park and I’m looking around. People talking, some in groups, some pairs, some singles and lots of dogs. – I noticed that those in groups aren’t paying much attention to their dogs – they’re busy and involved in their conversations.

There are all types of breeds, as well as personalities here – some appear to be content to walk beside their owner, others are running and playing in packs, some are just relaxing and enjoying the sun. There appeared to be a little altercation between a couple of dogs – the conversation in one of the groups stopped and a couple of people, I assume the owners, were running towards them. They broke it up, but I have to think that if a keener eye was kept on their dog, we may have been spared the excitement – mind you, only my opinion.

Just like people, I think dogs have their own little clicks. There was a pack of dogs that you just knew were friends. Most likely, they met regularly at the park to play. I found it interesting when Beau went up to them, they sniffed the parts that dogs sniff and then went about running and playing – he started running after them, but they ignored him and he took the hint. I thought, poor guy, but it didn’t bother him – he wasn’t offended. He found other butts to sniff and appeared quite content to explore the park on his own.

Dog parks are great for socializing – there’s a meeting of the minds – we’re there for our dogs. But what we need to remember – dogs are just like children– you want to keep an eye on them so they don’t get into trouble. Some dogs love being here, others don’t, or could care less. Know what your dog really enjoys – sometimes it’s just being with you!