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Dog Day Care in Orlando: Here’s How it Can Help Your Dog

Dog day care in Orlando doesn’t have to be scary. Leave your furry friends with the doggy experts!

Dog Day Care in OrlandoDid you know that 44 percent of pet owners at some point take their pet to work? That’s quite a substantial number of people. If you happen to be one of the majority though, who unfortunately can not take their pet to work, then you may want to consider dog day care in Orlando.

Why dog day care in Orlando? Because, it’s a great option for your pet to get the attention they want, and the interaction with other dogs that they crave and need.

Dog Day Care in Orlando

Here’s what you need to know about dog day care. It’s a great option for you and your pet. Dog day care, like dog boarding, is a great way to ensure that your pet is getting the stimulation they need when you’re gone.

There’s nothing worse than leaving home and hearing your dog whine at the door. There’s nothing worse than sitting at work and thinking about what your dog is doing while you’re away.

Are they okay? Did you leave enough food? Did you accidentally leave that shoe out and now it’s currently being dismantled by your pup’s mouth? These questions can plague us dog owners.

Dog Day Care in Orlando

Rocky’s Retreat – What We Offer

Here at Rocky’s Retreat, we offer dog day care in Orlando. We limit the number of dogs at Rocky’s for dog day care to a maximum of 12 dogs per day to keep the setting intimate. That way dogs have friends to play with and our staff has time to be one-on-one with your doggie. We always make time to play with your dog.

Here at Rocky’s, we offer:

Our pricing for dog day care can range. A single day pass is $40. But we also offer pass packages as well as memberships.

Currently, we offer a new customer special.  What is the special? 3 free days on the 5 day pass?  

The pass packages are as follows:

Here is our membership pricing:

Dog Day Care in Orlando

To learn more about day care, be sure to check out our Orlando doggie day care page for information about pricing and memberships.

Do you need pet dog day care in Orlando? Then look no further than Rocky’s Retreat. We have exactly what you and your pup are looking for. Be sure to call us at Rocky’s Retreat to get started today!