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Your Dog and Springtime Allergies

I read an article the other day about how experts are predicting that Dog scratching behind the earsseasonal allergies will be  exceptionally bad this spring.

As one who suffers from seasonal allergies, I was thrilled to learn I might be sneezing a lot more this spring!

But it also started me thinking about Yankee and other dogs who experience the symptoms of spring time allergies.

According to an article I read by well-known holistic veterinarian Dr. Karen Becker, many dogs react to seasonal allergens.

How can you tell if it’s a seasonal allergy or something more constant such as a food allergy?

If your dog is like Yankee and gets itchy in the spring and fall, chances are it’s a seasonal allergy. But if he’s itchy year round, it’s more likely to be something he’s constantly exposed to, perhaps something in his food.

Unlike humans whose seasonal allergies typically cause things like sneezing and watery eyes, dogs’ allergies often manifest in the form of skin irritation which causes them to be itchy. To relieve the itchiness, a dog will scratch excessively, or chew on various parts of his body.

Signs that your dog is having an allergic reaction include:Cute white puppy dog playing on grass. Polish Tatra Sheepdog, kn

What can you do to help ease your dog’s seasonal allergies without drugs? Here are some suggestions.

There’s nothing worse than watching your beloved furry friend suffer from allergies, seasonal or otherwise. I’m not in favor of medicating dogs since it weakens the immune system so I’m going to give these holistic options a try. What about you?

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