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Dog Weight Loss Tips

We’re currently working with two dogs, Georgia and Edison, who are both severely overweight and are advancing in their years. If something isn’t done to take the weight off, they’ll soon begin to experience problems associated with the extra weight. Already, prior to beginning our program, one of them was having trouble breathing after walking only a very short distance.

Both dogs are coming in several times a week for exercise swim sessions and their owners say they are committed to their dog’s weight loss and return to health. Canine hydrotherapy can help dogs who are overweight.

But Georgia is steadily losing weight while Edison loses, then gains. What’s going on?

First, it’s the amount of exercise each dog is getting.

Georgia’s mom brings her in three times per week to swim, and now that Georgia’s endurance has improved, walks her a couple of times daily for increasingly longer walks. Edison’s mom brings him in twice a week most weeks for his swim, and isn’t physically able to walk him enough due to her own health issues.

Next, there’s diet.

Georgia is on a strict low calorie diet, while Edison’s mom gives in to his begging eyes, and often gives him part of what she’s eating. She continues to give him treats and lets him eat some of the cat’s food. While Edison’s cardiovascular health has really improved, as evidenced by how much he can now swim during his sessions, his weight fluctuates.

Just like with humans, the key to successful weight loss is a combination of diet and exercise.

If you have an overweight dog and don’t know where to start to help him lose weight, here are some tips.

Once your dog reaches his goal weight (you’ll know this because you can now easily feel his ribs), keep him there.

Continue the exercise regimen, and monitor his diet. You won’t need to be as strict as before, but you want to be careful that he doesn’t start to gain again.

As much as dogs give us their sad eyes acting like they’re starving, if you truly love your dog, you won’t give in to it. Truly loving your dog means saying no, and working to keep your dog healthy. And in turn, you’ll not only have your dog in your life for a longer period of time, you’ll save money in vet bills because your dog won’t be developing all of the diseases associated with obesity.

Give your dog the best life possible; help him lose weight starting today! If you would like our advice and help, please feel free to contact us.