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Effleurage, a Massage Technique You Can Use on Your Dog

What is Effleurage? It’s French, and means “to touch lightly on”. It’s one of the principal strokes in massage, and because it’s so gentle, it can be performed on any part of the dog’s body, even over bony areas like joints, or the head. It’s a very versatile stroke, in fact, an entire massage can be done using just this one stroke. It’s a stroke that’s done with either one or both hands, following in the direction of your dog’s fur. It’s a soothing stroke that warms the body, increases blood flow, helps to remove fluids and toxins, and ultimately relaxes your dog. Plus it’s easy to do!

While Effleurage may resemble petting, it’s not petting at all. The primary difference between petting and Effleurage is your intent. When you are sitting on the couch watching TV and your dog is lying beside you, any stroking activity is simple petting. When you dedicate a time and place and create an environment to perform a massage, a similar stroke is Effleurage. To learn more about the Effleurage technique, check out this quick video.

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